Lewisville Apartments You Can Rent | Why You Should Read Lewisville TX News
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Why You Should Read Lewisville TX News

Why You Should Read Lewisville TX News

If you want to know what’s happening around you, you really don’t have any choice but to read the news. If you are in Lewisville, Texas, you should search for “Lewisville TX news.”

Most people think that all items that make it to the news are all bad, however, the truth is that the news is really a bowl of mixed nuts. And while bad news is the staple, you will also find good news spread here and there.

Of course, when it comes to reading the news, you should be wary of your sources. There are many, many fake news sites out there. And it’s hard to tell them apart from legitimate news sources because they tend to clone the look and feel of credible news websites.

However, there are red flags that will tell you a news website is fake. Feel the tone of the headline. If they sound too negative such that it triggers an emotion response in you for or against another person or an organization, you can be sure that it is fake news. Journalists and their copy editors are trained to frame any negative news with a neutral-sounding headline.

If the news sounds too incredible to be true, it probably is. Fake news stories are often padded with unverified facts to support the emotions of the headline.

Still, even with the guidelines we outlined here, we totally understand if you find yourself sharing a news story and then be called out for posting fake news on your Facebook timeline. It happened to us in the past, which was very embarrassing considering that we consider ourselves highly-educated.

In any case, unless if you are absolutely sure about the source of your news, just don’t post any type of news story on your timeline.